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CSCY Writing retreat for members

The writing retreat is for members where colleagues can drop in to take advantage of a quiet space away from their offices in which they can write.

A room will be available for the next month, 9.00-4.00pm.  There will be space for a break around 11.00am for those who wish to break and we will stop for lunch at approximately 1.00pm.

The principle of the retreat is as follows:

  • drop in and out to suit your commitments
  • colleagues focus on writing and avoid engaging distractions such as answering emails or answering phone calls during this time
  • colleagues should be considerate of others, making as few distractions as possible.

Please feel free to use the space – there are no PCs so you will need your own laptop/tablet etc.


Wednesday 1 February

Wednesday 8 February

Wednesday 22 February


Room DS10 Meeting Room, Edgar Allen House, 211 Glossop Road, Sheffield.







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