Health, Body and Wellbeing

Convener: Melanie Hall

This research group brings together people from different disciplines (including sociology, nursing, law, health and dentistry) to explore issues relating to body, health and wellbeing of children and young people.

Our research:

‘All About Me:making sense of health messages in a hands-on exhibition space’. Principal Investigator: Dr Hannah Fairbrother
Co-investigator: Dr Abi Hackett
Collaborator: Eureka! The National Children’s Museum.  Funded by Impact, Innovation and Knowledge Exchange (IIKE) funding scheme, University of Sheffield. Further details here.


‘Developing videogames and play for hospitalised children’.  Principal Investigator: Elizabeth Wood
Co-investigator: Dylan Yamada-Rice
Collaborator: Stripey Design, Brimingham Children’s Hospital, Sheffield Children’s Hospital, Richard Finn, Mathew Cheesemen, Caroline Claissie, Xinglin Sun. Funded by the AHRC videogames Network. Further details here.


‘Percentions and experienes of children and young people with a parent with dementia’. Principal Investigator: Pat Sikes
Co-investigator: Melanie Hall. Funded by The Alzheimer’s Society. Further details here.

Our publications:

Rodd HD, Marshman Z, Hall M, Gibson, BJ, and Deery C. (2013). ‘Video diaries to capture children’s participation in the dental GA pathway’, International Journal for Quality in Healthcare.


Tom Muskett/ Allison James/ Penny Curtis/ Melanie Hall/ Hannah Fairbrother/ Zoe Marshman/ Fiona Gilchrist/ Kate Reed/ Lisa Procter/ Katherine Stevens/ Sarah Bell/ Pete Dodd

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