Founded in 2002, CSCY is an inter-disciplinary centre that brings together researchers from across the social and health sciences, arts and humanities. Understanding the complexity of contemporary childhoods requires an interdisciplinary approach to research, which learns from the past, values the present and optimizes the future.

 As a centre of excellence for research into childhood and youth, CSCY researchers explore the challenges and opportunities for children growing up in the 21st century, with an eye to the past as well as to imagining possible futures.

CSCY has a strong commitment to fostering the next generation of researchers, and creates lively, collaborative spaces for debates, conferences, exhibitions, and meetings of minds. Our aim is to break new theoretical, ethical and methodological ground in childhood and youth research that can inform practice, policy and academic debates.

Through our international research collaborations and partnerships with policy and user communities, children’s lives are placed centre stage in our research.